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Our story has started in 2011. Since then we are offering web technologies, graphic design and print fields to our clients. We help countless SMEs (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) step into the digital world, reach their target audiences by creating a brand identity and create marketing materials.

We are a team that believes in the power of collaboration. By understanding your business and goals in the best way, we are creating suitable solutions for your needs. Can’t wait to be part of your story with our many years of experience and professional support.

You can visit the “Our Services” page for getting more detailed information about the services we offer, you can call “+90 222 220 03 77" to meet our web design experts or you can get “Price Offer” about your web design ideas. 

About Us
Finansbank Enpara My Company
Account Holder Baran Saruhan Saruhan Agency Business Account
IBAN TR69 0011 1000 0000 0069 8382 96  
Branch code 3663 Enpara Branch
Account number 69838296  
Finansbank Enpara
Account Holder Baran Saruhan  
IBAN TR33 0011 1000 0000 0043 3936 40  
Branch code 3663  
Account number 43393640  
Garanti Bank Doktorlar St. Branch
Account Holder Baran Saruhan  
IBAN TR76 0006 2000 8730 0006 6707 22  
Branch code 873  
Account number 6670722  
İsBank Kucukesat Branch                  
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IBAN TR35 0006 4000 0014 2080 6126 63  
Branch code 4208  
Account number 0612663  
ICBC Bank Eskisehir Branch 
Account Holder Baran Saruhan  
IBAN TR15 0010 9000 2700 8415 4300 01