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Creating a brand identity allows you to determine your customers' attitude towards you. It is also a great sales tool that aims to keep you in the minds of your customers. We produce custom designs that best describe your company and enable you to reach different target audiences. Let's decide together how you want to represent your company!

Corporate Identity Desing

We create a brand identity for your company that helps raise awareness and spread a strong message to the target audience. We pay attention to many details for your corporate identity. In order to position your corporate identity correctly in the market, you must have a complete design. You need a comprehensive, effective, consistent corporate identity design that suits your company's character!


In order to reach your professional corporate identity, we listen to all your ideas and produce designs that best reflect your company. We look forward to supporting you in all your work, starting with logo design, including envelope, letterhead, mail signature design, e-catalog.

Corporate Identity Desing

Let's decide together how your business will represent you.

We believe that good logo design is worth a thousand words because as it is known, the logo is the visual identity of your brand. Communication is the most important issue in the design process. We analyze all the ideas in your mind and your company culture in the best way and create the logo design you need with a professional team. We know that a smart crafted logo literally reflects your company. We enable you to take your first step into the corporate business sector with an original, understandable and impressive logo design.

Diplomat envelope designs are one of the important parts of corporate identity design. We ensure that you achieve the best result by paying attention to the harmony of your company and corporate identity.

As Saruhan Web Agency, we design digital catalogs where you can effectively promote your company's projects and share them on all digital platforms. In this way, you will be able to show your success to more people by sharing your work either on your website or on your social media accounts. You can contact us to see our e-magazine designs.

If you want your company to be perfect, you should definitely support your work with by-products. You can use different designs that include your contact information and logo in all your external correspondence.


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Let's take a look at what stuck in your mind

Corporate identity works are a whole that includes many products. For this reason, all parts of this whole must be in harmony with each other. All these works create connections between your brand and your target audience. A smartly crafted design increases your brand awareness while also making you remembered.

Corporate identity design should be made by professional graphic designer so that it can appeal to the right target audience and cereate the effect you expect.