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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We take your company to the first places in Google searches! As Saruhan Web Agency, we do all our work from web design to content in an SEO friendly and we enable you to take your virtual branch one step further than your competitors.


Search Engine Optimization, aims to make websites perform better in search engines. In the easiest way, it is all of the work done to increase the traffic on your website. Continuous improvements are required in order for your website to rank better on the search engine results page. Thanks to SEO, you can increase the performance of your website and reach more customers.


SEO and search engine optimization works also will reduce the costs of advertising work. The costs of ads used to reach consumers or users on the Internet will be halved with the correct SEO work.

You can contact us for SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Corporate SEO Consulting, E-Commerce SEO Consultancy, Google Maps SEO Works and Internal SEO Works.


Be visible on Google with SEO.

It is important to do internal SEO studies while creating user-friendly web site designs. At this stage, we carry out a meticulous work from the beginning to the end, from the contents to the visuals, to the fast code structure. With our search engine optimization works, we create a website that meets Google criteria.

Every business that needs a website design aims to reach a larger segment with less effort. We do in-site optimization and backlink work for corporate sites that have much less content than a blog sharing site. In this way, we ensure that you move to the top of Google searches.

We are working to increase the visitor traffic and therefore your sales with the SEO works we carry out on E-Commerce sites. We place all our work at every stage, from software to content. Thus, we enable you to appear before your users without disturbing the ease of use of your site and without unnecessary content.

In the digital world, competition continues in full swing on Google Maps. Appearing at the top of the maps in user searches is undoubtedly an advantage for every business and professional work is required to achieve this. Just like your website, we manage your map registration in the best way. You can contact us for SEO works, where we will create a new platform where users can answer questions that are curious and contact you.

With our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) works, we are accelerating your website's visitor network by expanding its visitor network by purchasing paid advertisements in search engines.

Moreover, thanks to our SEO-friendly, high-quality website designs, we help reduce the costs you will pay for Google ads.


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Let's take a look at what stuck in your mind

SEO, which is defined as search engine optimization, is a study that aims to make websites comply with the rules of search engines and to rank higher in searches with studies on search criteria. However, SEO does not only involve ranking at the top of the lists but also making arrangements and studies in accordance with the Google algorithm. You will need SEO experts who will plan your steps to reach your target audience, build brand awareness and increase your sales.

In a smart crafted website, the visitor can quickly reach the answer they are looking for with the right directions. For SEO works, it is very important to direct the in-site traffic correctly. That's why every detail is important, from design to software and even images.

In order to achieve real results in SEO studies, we work intensively for a period of 6-12 months.