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Digital menu is the best solution for your company! Saruhan Web Agency is next to your business with the QR Menu that fast order, easy access, zero contact, and easy management features.

QR Menü

With our QR Menu options, you will ensure that your customers can access your menu with very simple movements and at the same time, you will be able to protect the health of your customers and staff. Say goodbye to physical menus and be ready to open your doors to digital solutions and contactless menus with the digital menu, which has ceased to be an extra application and turned into an important need in recent years!

You can update the QR Menus whenever you want, which removes all the wear and long-term updating problems you encounter in printed physical menus. While doing this, you do not have to wait for a printing process. You can create as many categories as you want in the contactless digital menu applied with special software, add or remove the product you want.

It is possible to add the information you want to the digital menus that can be applied in various businesses such as cafes, bars, hotels, restaurants, shops, pools&beaches! You can examine our demo options in order to have a detailed idea about the menus with QR codes that you can easily control with their dynamic structure.

QR Menü

We are Your Solution Partner in Easily Manageable Dynamic QR Menu Applications

Digital menus are not systems that you have to use for long periods such as printed menus and that can cause high costs to update. On the contrary, with our easy-to-manage panel system, you can easily log in and make instant updates quickly. The problems of redesigning, printing, transporting, and distributing the menu in a hygienic way for each new customer are removed with contactless menus.

Physical menus are the items that are most exposed to contact during the day in a business. It is taken for inspection by more than one person and constantly contacts your staff during the move. QR Menu creates a healthier environment for your customers and staff by completely removed this problem.

Physical menus are an important expense item for businesses with their design and printing costs. Moreover, you will have to bear these costs over and over again with every change you make to the menu. QR Menus provide significant savings by completely removing printing and design costs. Once you have created the QR Menu, you can make as many changes as you want, you do not pay extra for it.

Any language option you want can be added to your menu. Thanks to the multilingual interface, the language option you want can be easily integrated into the system, and you can enable your foreign visitors to view your menu without difficulty.

QR menu, which makes a quick introduction to our lives as a contactless menu application, is preparing to remove the most touched physical menus in places such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, bars, pubs, bakeries, pastry shops to the dusty pages of history.

The difficult pandemic process we have been going through for the past year has brought us the principle of less contact and more health. In addition to masks that have become the routine of our lives, keeping distance in physical shopping and being able to shop without contact has become very important. The QR code menu met exactly this need, providing great comfort for both operators and customers.

Thanks to the QR menu, customers who can access the menu by simply scanning the QR on their phones without having to contact anywhere, and the operating personnel who are constantly in contact with these physical menus are protected against possible risks.

To create a QR Menu, all you have to do is contact us, examine the sample menus and decide what kind of design you want! You can contact us to make your space even safer with easy-to-manage digital menus in the colors you want, with every product/service you offer clearly included.

The most confusing question about contactless menus is undoubtedly is how to read the QR code menu. In fact, we can say that the stage of reading the code is the easiest stage of using the QR menu. None of the new generation mobile phones require you to download any extra application for QR code. Just use the cameras available on all phones!

We can list the steps you need to follow as follows;

First, enter your phone's camera app

Point your camera at the QR menu

Your camera will automatically detect and scan the code written here

Then, with the warning, it will take you to the menu screen.

If your phone's camera does not support this application, then you can choose one of the dozens of applications by entering the application stores on Android or IOS devices and typing a QR Code Reader.




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Let's Answer All the Questions in Your Mind

QR codes can be opened by the camera application of almost every phone used today. You can operate your phone's camera by bringing it closer to the QR code without the need to download an extra application. The phone will automatically detect and scan this code. 

To make the technical definition of a QR code, it is a barcode in which encrypted information is added. It enables us to access the lines that seem meaningless when viewed, by turning them into something we can understand. QR; literally means quick response. Based on this, we can say that we can call it a contactless menu with quick access to QR menus.

This system, which has gained more importance and has become a necessity during the COVID-19 period, offers a fast, practical, and professional system for businesses such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, pubs in general, where customers can order.

Exactly. The usage panels of the QR menus we have created are extremely easy and understandable. In this panel, you can move as you wish and add or remove products from the menu.

We do whatever is the best option for you and your business in digital menu applications. If you do not have visuals, we can create a menu with the list option and we can ensure that you catch the same quality.