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The most reliable address for your online store. We move your store which will be open 24/7 to digital area with our e-commerce site designs.


We are designing e-commerce sites that will expand your marketing network, integrate the payment options you want, and provide secure shopping with special filters with an easy management panel. Our software-supported and user-friendly designs will enable you to open your digital store's doors. Also, you will be able to easily make all the updates you want thanks to the easy management panel without the need for someone who knows software. You can contact us for e-commerce sites where we provide all these features.


Your online store is waiting for you at Saruhan Web.

It is possible to add any payment options you want in the e-commerce site designs we will design for your company. You can increase your options for users by using cash on delivery, credit card or money order methods.


Thanks to our easy management panel, one of the most important indicators of professional web design, you will be able to make the updates you want instantly yourself. You don’t need to know software thanks to our management panel that allows you to manage your website. By easily logging in to the management panel with the short training we will give in the delivery of your website; you will be able to make instant updates and actively organize campaigns and discounts.

We offer specific filtering options to your company for your e-commerce sites where products that appeal to more than one sector and can be divided into sub-titles will be sold. Also, general filters such as length, weight, we develop user-friendly sites with special filters that will provide more benefits to the user. You can increase your sales with the filters that will enable them to reach the product they want in the fastest way when your potential customers visit your website.

Secure shopping is one of the most important issues for both the seller and the user. We provide privacy and security during data transfers with the features we integrate into our e-commerce sites.


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Let's take a look at what stuck in your mind

Whether you're just starting out or own a physical store, you need an online store to take your business to the next level and increase your sales. Do not wait any longer to take your place in e-commerce, which is increasing with fast acceleration. For your questions on this subject, you can benefit from our free guidance and consultancy service. By contacting us, we can get detailed information about the subject, and together we can plan the strategies you will take on this path you plan to take. You can contact us to benefit from our experience and to examine our examples.

E-commerce designs are prepared entirely according to user experiences. In design, we aim for customers to have easy and fast access to the product they are looking for and to access all the information they are curious about the products.

After the design phase, you don't need anything to manage your e-commerce site. With the easy-to-use management panel we have developed as Saruhan Web Agency, you will be able to make the changes you want on your e-commerce site yourself.

Your e-commerce site needs a strong SEO infrastructure so that you can rank higher in search results and increase your sales. In order to make your e-commerce site stand out, you need to create a strong balance between your website's technical infrastructure, user experience, and SEO. You can contact our experienced team now to get professional support in this regard.

In addition to having a strong e-commerce site, you also need to improve your company in increasing your brand awareness and reaching your potential customers. We can help you increase your conversions with support such as advertisements and social media management in line with digital marketing strategies.