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In the past, everyone who wanted to do business was first looking for their customers in the most crowded streets, today businesses first started to settle in the digital world with websites and in the middle of our lives with social media accounts. Social media, which will be a good guide in the digital transformation process, which is inevitable for productive and developing businesses, brings you from the fastest channels to the right audience.

Social Media Consultancy

As Saruhan Web Agency, we analyze your company and your target audience in the most accurate way with our social media consultancy service and publish it with stylish designs and original content. We share with you the ways to reach completely organic followers quickly with our works that will increase your brand awareness and add value to your business.

Our team, which analyzes Facebook and Instagram ads to reach the most accurate and relevant audience with the least budget, works by aiming to gain maximum profit from your advertising expenses.

Social Media Consultancy

Social media designs that will reach the right audience and bring real interaction



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Hashtags can be thought of as bookmarks on your social media map. Hashtags are a shortcut that will bring you to your target customer audience in the fastest way. These are very valuable as they collect all the posts on a topic and will direct users who search on the topic to your page. Also, should be used in every post without exaggeration.  

Social media is a great way to increase brand awareness and reach your potential customers. It makes your audience feel like a part of your brand, so you can reach your sales goals by increasing your conversions.