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With our years of experiences, we are at your service from the beginning to the end of the trademark registration process.

Trademark Registration Consultancy

Your brand is the most important capital of your company, protecting all your goods and services and separating you from your competitors. This process, known as branding or trademark registration, gives you legal rights regarding your product and service. Most importantly, it minimizes all possible risks to your company and ensures your brand security.


Thanks to trademark registration consultancy; we plan every step of this complex and lengthy process with many details for you. First of all, what describes your company in the best way; we conduct detailed research to create a simple, easily understandable and distinctive brand identity and then manage the application process. We manage the whole process precisely with the steps of examination, announcement, acceptance and certification.

Trademark Registration Consultancy

We add value to your business with the meticulous work we have carried out in the trademark registration process

Preparatory work must be completed flawlessly before the application is made. These preparatory works are done meticulously so that the trademark application is not rejected. As a result of the searches for trademark registration, the required application fee is paid to TürkPatent and a trademark application is made.

Our expert team closely follows all stages in an estimated 6-7 months after the trademark registration application is made.


If the application is rejected as a result of the examinations, our team takes the process under control by making the necessary appeals and interventions quickly.


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Let's take a look at what stuck in your mind

You can have all the rights of your brand through the registration process. It is the most important factor that separates your product or service from your competitors. At this stage, getting professional support will prevent all threats to your brand and eliminate your imitations.

The trademark registration process takes approximately 8 to 10 months.

There is no number limitation for trademark registration. Individuals or institutions can register more than one brand.

The trademark registration certificate protects your trademark valid for 10 years. At the end of the period, the trademark registration certificate is renewed.

A total of 2 payments are received, including the application and certification stages.

Renewal must be made within 6 months before the 10-year period expires. If this isn't done until the deadline, it will be paid an additional fee.

Absolutely! You can contact us for all your corporate identity works, starting with your logo.