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16 October 2021

A New World: What are Metaverse and iNFT?

While the world is changing rapidly, nowadays people have started to spend much more time on the internet. As we wake up with a completely different development every new day, our digital habits have become integrated with our lives. Even our smartphones have ceased to be a device and have

26 August 2021

E-commerce Payment Systems | Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay

E-commerce, which eliminates borders while shopping and offers a rich product variety to users in a practical way, continues to appeal to more and more users every day. Especially with the covid period, when consumers gained new shopping habits, e-commerce has come to a stronger position. Many companies, large and

09 June 2021

User Experience (UX) Impacts on E-Commerce

With the changing consumption habits in the digital world, the developments added to our lives every day, and the recent pandemic process, the e-commerce sector continues to grow with fast pickup. However, the aim of all companies operating in the e-commerce sector, without exception, is to be able to sell

06 April 2021

New Digital Art: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

Said by John Stuart Mill years ago, "All good things that exist are the fruits of authenticity." word finds full correspondence today. Growing trends in the global world with each passing day lead people to mediocrity while adapting them to stereotype. NFT, which has been talked about a lot in

19 February 2021

Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, or Microsoft Clarity? Web Analytics Tools Comparing

"If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.", which is still valid by Peter Drucker, continues to set the light on today's business world. If you want to grow and develop your business with the right steps, make strategic plans by measuring every area of your business. The same

26 December 2020

What Is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Did you know 87% of people don’t actually know what the “IoT” means? But don't worry, if you keep reading the content, you may be included in the lucky 13% :) The concept of IoT, which we have frequently heard in our social and business life in recent years, means "Internet

10 November 2020

What Does Corporate Email Provide You?

Your company, brand, and corporate identity are important structures that represent you, created as a result of meticulous work. While paying attention to every point from color selection to the font on business cards on which the carefully designed logo is printed, attention should also be paid to the mail

24 June 2019

Yandex Microsoft Outlook Setup

Yandex Microsoft Outlook Setup   If you want to open your e-mails with Microsoft Outlook, you need to enable POP3 or IMAP   Setting Up According to IMAP Protocol In the Microsoft Outlook startup, Welcome window, click the Next button. On the account configuration page, click the Next button on the Email accounts tab without changing the