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What Does Corporate Email Provide You?

Your company, brand, and corporate identity are important structures that represent you, created as a result of meticulous work. While paying attention to every point from color selection to the font on business cards on which the carefully designed logo is printed, attention should also be paid to the mail address written here. In business cards and corporate correspondence, the mail is one of the most important points of the other side. The corporate mail extension not only leaves a good impression on your customers and competitors but also gives you a reliable stance. For this reason, attention should be paid to the e-mail address.


Your e-mail address functions the same as your business cards have a corporate interaction and create an effective first impression to your potential customers. So let's think again now;


Will using an ordinary email address that doesn't provide any interaction for the user or a memorable email address with your company name will represent your corporate identity correctly?


What is Corporate Email ?


E-mail, which is the most effective way to communicate quickly and easily in business life, is the first choice for both individual and corporate correspondence. E-mail is the most important communication tool of every business, as it can be stored even after a long time, and it is a written statement especially in corporate correspondence. The corporate email contains personalized email accounts that match your business name. These e-mail accounts with the company extension are perhaps one of the most important elements of your corporate identity. For example;






Why Using Corporate Email is Important?


There are many e-mail services such as Gmail and Hotmail for your e-mails that are constantly used in busy business life. These services, which are ideal for individual users, aren't useful for corporate businesses due to reasons such as not bearing your company's signature and creating insecurity. In order to highlight the corporate identity of your company, you should choose your own company extension instead of anonymous and accessible extensions such as @hotmail.com and @gmail.com because corporate e-mail is completely unique to you and your company. It creates an infrastructure service that you can use via e-mail programs on both your mobile device and your computer. In this way, corporate e-mail ensures you have a safe space for communication. It's also a great way to show your customers that they are in contact with the right person.



Advantages of Using Corporate Email


1-Makes You Look Professional


Conducting your correspondence, offers and customer communication with your corporate e-mail adds value to your company. Also, by adding your personal e-mail address to your business cards, website, and much more, you have the opportunity to promote your company anywhere. According to researches, the rate of the receiver opening the e-mail increases with the use of corporate e-mail. At this stage, the use of corporate e-mail becomes a useful tool to grow your brand and strengthen your corporate identity.


2-Contributes to Your Trust Relationship with Your Customers


The most practical way to show that you are trustworthy! Your corporate e-mail is the digital identity of your company. Customers often expect companies to have an email address containing their company name or brand. If your email address matches your domain or company name, customers are 9 times more likely to choose your business.


3-Strengthens Your Brand Position


Corporate email creates a digital identity for your company. It increases your productivity and helps your company run better. Professional companies use this tool to strengthen their brand position and meet their customers. They make a small but effective investment to have a strong presence on the internet and achieve their growth goals. You too can use this excellent tool to develop your sales force and connect with your new potential customers. In this way, you can strengthen your brand position by making a difference among your competitors.


Things to Consider While Creating Corporate Email


There are a few things to be aware of when using corporate e-mail. First of all, accounts created with corporate e-mail extensions should not be complicated or meaningless, and the names of the individuals or the name of the department they work for should be used instead of such as a nickname that can be found in other e-mail providers. For example;



Email addresses like these should be clear and understandable.

Another important point in the corporate e-mail is to create a mail signature. Mail signature is an important detail that should be carefully considered.


What is Mail Signature?


Mail signature, located at the bottom of the e-mails you send and text that remains constant. A mail signature is a text that can be personalized and even visualized, containing information that the person or company considers important. In this respect, you can consider your mail signature as your digital business card. Your automatically fixed email signature is located at the bottom of every e-mail you send. The content and visually remain the same until you make a change. So you don't need to create a new design every time.


Why Mail Signature is Important?


Mail signature is a must-have element for any company aiming at institutionalization and branding. It is a requirement and an indicator of professionalism. All companies, small or large, trying to get a professional line use this tool.

Mail signature is proof that you are working affiliated with the named company and communicating on behalf of the company named. Although the e-mail signature seems like a small detail, it's actually of great importance in terms of professional communication. If it isn't used, it causes distrust in the person to whom the e-mail is sent and the person doesn't respect the content. Because the person the e-mail reaches doesn't care about the content that doesn't understand where or who it came from. In fact, corporate e-mails sent in this way can have a negative impact on corporate reputation.

Sample mail signature design;

How to Receive Corporate Email?


• First, you must register a domain name.

• You must register your company name in the form of companyname.com, your own name, surname, or a domain name consisting of one or more words you want.

• Buy a hosting service or hire a hosting provider.

• Then, you can create a corporate e-mail account according to the content of your hosting package and benefit from other services.

Did all this seem too complicated for you? If you want, you can contact a web agency for a corporate e-mail service. Web Agencies create and follow these processes on your behalf. Moreover, in case of any problem that may occur in the e-mail service, it is possible to intervene immediately to prevent problems in your e-mail receiving/sending. If you want to get corporate e-mail service, you can contact us. For this, all you have to do is to call +90 222 220 03 77 or contact us on our contact page and send your request.


By Songül Gamsız



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