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Clarification Text


1. Purpose and Scope

As Data Supervisor Saruhan Web Agency ("Saruhan Web Agency" or "Company"), we attach importance to the protection and security of your personal data; for this reason, in accordance with Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 and other relevant legislation provisions, which are regulated to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, especially the privacy of private life and to protect personal data and we would like to inform you about the ways your personal data is collected, the purposes for processing, the legal reasons for the processing and your rights.

Within the scope of the "Privacy Policy" text shared with you by Saruhan Web Agency, your explicit consent is requested in order to process your personal data processed by Saruhan Web Agency in the following ways, together with the conditions specified as processing conditions in the law. 

2. Collection of Personal Data and Legal Reason

Personal data is obtained from all kinds of verbal, written, or electronic media, including but not limited to websites, customer meetings, designs, in order to be processed, transferred, and stored for the purposes stated above.
3. Purposes of Processing Personal Data

In accordance with the KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698), personal data is defined as all kinds of data belonging to a certain and identifiable natural person, and all kinds of data to be accepted within this scope are considered subject to the relevant legislation by Saruhan Web Agency. In this context, providing personal data, Saruhan Web Agency services and carrying out the necessary works within this scope, contacting you about our services in the presence of your express consent, carrying out marketing activities, performing customer acquisition studies, and sharing offers regarding our services in relation to this, making them within the scope of company activities making necessary reports, customer statistics, and similar reviews, etc. are processed within the scope of purposes.

4. Transfer of Personal Data

The company may share personal data with the following persons for the purposes described above:

- With the relevant departments that provide services to continue the company activities and business processes,
- Domestic and/or foreign service providers who process personal data on behalf of the company,
- When necessary, with official authorities, supplier companies, public institutions, business partners, and insurance companies,

Any transfer of personal data that is incompatible with our Company activities other than the purposes given above will not be carried out without the explicit consent of the data owner.
5. Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data Processed

Personal data owner, by applying to Saruhan Web Agency in accordance with article 11 of KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698);

a. learning whether your personal data is processed,
b. to request information about personal data if it has been processed,
c. to learn the purpose of processing the personal data and whether it is used appropriately,
d. to know the third parties whose personal data is transferred domestically or abroad,
e. If personal data are incomplete or incorrectly processed, to request their correction and to request their deletion or destruction within the framework of the conditions stipulated in article 7 of the KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698),
f. to request the third parties to whom their personal data is transferred to be notified of the transactions made in accordance with subparagraphs (d) and (e),
g. object to the occurrence of a result against you due to the analysis of your personal data, especially with automated systems,
h. in the event that you suffer damage due to the unlawful processing of personal data, it has the right to demand compensation for the damage.
Requests submitted within this scope will be concluded free of charge by Saruhan Web Agency within thirty days at the latest. However, if a fee is stipulated by the Personal Data Protection Board, the fee in the tariff determined by our company will be charged.

For comprehensive information on the protection and processing principles of your personal data, you can review the Privacy Policy.
6. Explicit Consent Text Regarding Processing Personal Data

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 ("KVKK"); I was informed about; what purpose my personal data will be processed by Saruhan Web Agency, to whom and for what purpose the processed personal data can be transferred, the method and legal reason for collecting personal data and other rights listed in Article 11 of the KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698).

I have read, understood, examined, evaluated, approved, and knowingly understood and accepted all the issues stated above within the scope of the "Privacy Policy" Text; In this context, the necessary lighting has been provided to me, without prejudice to my claims and litigation rights for damages that may arise from your company's fault or negligence during the implementation of the above issues; as a result of my free will, I accept, declare and undertake that I approve the sharing of my personal data defined in the KVKK and the content and the method of collection specified in the text of the "Privacy Policy" with the above-mentioned persons and processing within the scope defined in the KVKK.

If you want to contact us, give feedback or direct your questions within the scope of KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698), you can send your request to 61 Hosnudiye,  İsmet İnönü-1 St. Apt: 5 Eskisehir/Turkey  26130, by hand, transmit through a notary or by calling +90 222 220 03 77.

In this context, written applications to be made regarding the subject will be accepted following the identity verification to be made by us, and to the relevant persons will be returned within the legal periods.

You can review the Privacy Policy at www.saruhanweb.com/en/ for comprehensive information on the protection and processing principles of your personal data, and if there is a request for information within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, you can contact us with the following means, provided that you bear the minimum elements specified in the law. You can also benefit from the application form created by our company in order to provide you with practicality and convenience while using these application methods. (Download the "Application Form to Data Controller" to use in your applications to us.)