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Birkan Demirdizen

Birkan Demirdizen

Gelir Tabi

Thank You

Hello, I’m Birkan Demirdizen who is the owner of Gelir Tabi. Our commercial activity in Eskişehir is based on approximately 45 years. With the contributions of our businesses with Cetin Agdaci and Mehmet Agdaci that had their origins in the Oz Uludag Bakery Oven, we are the founder of Cetin Agdacis in the construction sector, Marka Automotive in the construction gallery sector and A Artı Laboratory Inspection in the inspection sector. Finally, we started to deliver wholesale and retail products to our customers with Gelir Tabi. We think we can reach large masses in this. We have created the web infrastructure of all these commercial activities through Saruhan Web Agency. The social media support, websites and other opportunities we received from Saruhan Web Agency played an important role in reaching large audiences. I would like to thank them here as well.