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Cengiz Canbolat

Cengiz Canbolat

Ikizler Key

Thank You

Hello, I’m Cengiz Canbolat who is the owner of Ikizler Key Automatic Door and Smart Lock Systems. I’ve been serving in this sector since 1996. We are trying to reach everywhere we can reach in Eskisehir. Since we started working with 222rehber website in 2008, we have started to get positive returns and we realized that we have lots of benefits from that work. As a result of these, we decided to build a website and built Ikizler Door, Ikizler Otomatik Kapi and Anahtar Eskisehir websites. We have been receiving very good returns from these sites for years. Thank you very much to Saruhan Web Agency, the expert of this job. We are continuing to work and we will continue.