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Ertugrul Kahveci & Hasan Kahveci

Ertugrul Kahveci & Hasan Kahveci


Thank You

Hello, we are Ertugrul Kahveci and Hasan Kahveci. We have been continuing this business for two generations under the name of ERKAPEN Aluminum Joinery company. We were not familiar with the internet before. In 2015, Saruhan Web Agency came to us with an offer to take part in 222rehber website that will provide our ads on the web. My father was a little distant about these things, he believed that there would be no return, we would waste time and money with this. With my persuasion work, Saruhan Web Agency's emphasis and efforts, we started to turn to these works, we started to buy domain names and got very good returns. Fortunately, we met the Saruhan Web Agency.