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Fatma Ozen

Fatma Ozen

Ozen Cleaning

Thank You

Hello, I'm Fatma Ozen who is the owner of Ozen Cleaning. We established our company in 2009. We provide house cleaning, post-construction cleaning, stair cleaning, factory cleaning, and janitor in Eskisehir and surrounding provinces. When I founded my company in 2009, I met the Saruhan Web Agency. Of course, we didn't know how to do the advertising business in those years. In this sense, Mr Baran contributed a lot to us. Our internet advertisements, which have been increasing continuously since those years, have helped us with various programs on our websites. In other words, it helped us to develop our business and our promotion on the internet. I thank them and I will definitely continue to work with Saruhan Web from now on. I also recommend it to you.