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Mahmut Yildirim

Mahmut Yildirim

Eskisehir Swatter

Thank You

Hello, I'm Mahmut Yildirim. I'm the owner of Eskisehir Swatter Company. We have been working with Saruhan Web Agency since 2016 in other words, in 2016, we entered the internet with Saruhan Web Agency. Now we have 5 domain which are eskisehirsineklik.com, cambalkonperdesi.com.tr cambalkonperde.com.tr eskisehirpvctamir.com. Also, we have 2 trademark registration. At first, we had hesitations, but with the guidance of Saruhan Web Agency, these hesitations disappeared. Fortunately, this is how we entered the internet, so now we have a high market share. We didn't have any kind of problem since we start to work together. Whenever we call and whenever we need something, a solution has been produced from Saruhan Agency. We are glad, can we recommend? The right guys recommend it highly.