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Mesut Ayvaz

Mesut Ayvaz

Mesut Ayvaz Tattoo

Thank You

Hello, I'm Mesut Ayvaz who is the owner of Mesut Ayvaz Tattoo. I have been dealing with tattoo work since 2012. I met Saruhan Web in 2013. The first area where we advertised was 222rehber website, and after the feedback, we provided here, we gave home page ads. Later, when we saw that our popularity increased with these studies, the website etc. we decided to have it done and they gave us a priority in these studies. We were able to reach them at any time, we asked for information from Saruhan Web, they provided us with more information. They brought us to the top ranks with internet ads. In other words, one of the reasons that helped us 90% to make this name is Saruhan Web. I recommend it to everyone, you can go and get service with peace of mind.