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Omer Gokbuga

Omer Gokbuga

Beyoglu Fire Fighting Systems

Thank You

I'm Omer Gokbuga who is the owner of Beyoglu Fire Fighting Systems. When we founded our company seven years ago, we knew that web design services and web internet advertising services were very beneficial in our sector as in every sector. But first of all, we couldn't create this infrastructure properly as a result of the wrong company preference. Later, friends from Saruhan Web Agency came to visit us. They talked about their services. We were being cautious because we made the wrong choice in the first place, but thanks to the right guidance of our friends, the information they gave and the experiences they conveyed, a synergy quickly formed between us. We have seen that our customer relations are better with their knowledge and experience. During the six years, we have worked together, we have accomplished good works together. I would like to thank them and wish their success to be permanent.